Sunday Funday...Part 2

After purchasing the ticket, I slowly lugged my way on to the Foot-over bridge. There was utter chaos all over since quite a few EMUs were cancelled. The Down "Slow" line between Kurla and Mulund was closed for maintenance (so no Slow EMUs in that section). The UP Slow line between Ghatkopar and Kurla was also closed - which meant that Vidyavihar did not have trains services during the day! Trains were heavily delayed. UP Fast trains - as with every sunday - were made to halt at Mulund, Bhandup, Vikhroli and Ghatkopar between Thane and Kurla.
I went over to Platform 10 (for some personal reasons). The platform was being decked up for the Railway Minister's visit scheduled for this weekend. The platform roof was being painted, the Foot-over bridge got a new coat of paint, the platform got new signages and a lot more works were being done. Platform 9 was being given a new lease of life. The track was cleaned and the signal was re-painted. I returned from Platform 10, and decided to spend time on Platform 6. Platform 7 was being cleaned, the workers were physically clearing the garbage that was strewn along the railway line. Some time after I reached the platform (At about 1344), a light WDG3A from Kalyan (#14754) rushed through the station. The loco had her headlamps on, and the horns were blown continuously.
Minutes later (at about 1353), the Hatia-LTT Express rushed through. The loco in-charge was WCAM3 #21895. Most coaches of this train was "SRC" (Santragachhi) based. Minutes seemed to take more than 60 seconds to tick past. I was growing restless because of the heat and humidity. My legs were aching badly. Just around then, I noticed an empty seat on the platform, and the seat had a fan right above. I rested on to that seat enjoying the cool breeze from the fan. While sitting, I noticed a WCG2 pulling in. I first walked towards the edge of the platform, but then noticed a RPF personnel looking towards me. I returned and sat on the same seat. The WCG2 (#20109) was in-charge of 1013 Coimbatore-LTT Express. The train was being sent to Platform 7.
The train left after a very short halt. Some minutes later, a pair of WCAM3s (MU-ed) lead by WCAM3 #21940 rushed towards Diva with a long BCNA rake. I lost my precious seat. A CSTM bound fast EMU came in, and literally emptied the platform, and I got my seat back! I was feeling too sleepy, and decided to have a short walk. The PA system came alive to announce the arrival of KR4 passenger from Ratnagiri. One RPF personnel was standing very close to me, and I saw the loco pulling in! I walked a bit towards the Diva End, and clicked an Image. The loco was WDM3A #18951R from Pune (I had seen this loco going to Ratnagiri on Saturday). I got a bottle of cold water and gulped down almost half of it!
Just after the Passenger left, the arrival of Matsyagandha Express was announced. At about 1440, the Mangalore bound 2619 Matsyagandha Express pulled in. The loco was WDM3A #14140 from Erode. I boarded the front SLR. The coach was 95757A based at Mangalore. The train pulled out at about 1445. The loco crawled for some time, and notched up after crossing the first Creek bridge. The loco had its transition kick shortly after - and that was evident in my coach. The coach almost lept forward and the doors had a bang. The coach had many empty seats, but I preferred to be at the door.
Our train overtook a freighter hauled by WCAG1 #21977 near the Parsik. The freighter was waiting to exit the Turbhe-Thane railway line. The run from Thane to Dativali was normal without any interesting incidences. Right after Dativali, i spotted the Nizamuddin bound Mangala Express. The loco was WDM2 #18332 from Ernakulam. She had to cross our line to proceed to Kalyan. Minutes after this crossing, we crossed a tanker rake hauled by WCAG1 #21973. We overtook a Container train at Taloja. The loco was WAG7 #27220 from Ajni. The train ran through stations without even slowing down, but with the horns being blown incessently - without any considerations for the poor souls occupying the SLR!
The train pulled into Panvel finally at about 1525. WDG3A #14567 from Kalyan welcomed the train with a light show! The loco's lamps were being tested by the new crew who had just taken charge. The Chandigarh bound Kerala SK was just pulling in. The loco was WDM2 #16668 from Ernakulam. WDM2 #18379 from Kalyan was being shunted to the loco siding.
I narrowly missed the 1535 Special EMU for Vashi. I had to wait for the 1553 EMU then! The EMU came in at about 1540 itself (luckily for me!!!). I took a window seat and kept watching out. Just around 1550, WDG3A #14647 from Kalyan pulled in with a BCLA/BCLB rake from JNPT. Just as my EMU was pulling out, the Ajni WAG7 hauled container rake came in. Matsyagandha had overtaken the very same rake at Taloja. I finally reached Belapur by about 1605, and home by about 1615.
A magnificient day just came to an end!!! Thank you for reading this! Meet ya tomorrow....