Southern Sparkle

The Southern Sparkle begins! Time for some fun with a variety of routes on a variety of classes. Mumbai to Bangalore to Cochin to Mumbai in 14 days.
The curtains have just raised. The journey begins today at 0805 from Mumbai CST on board the Udyan Express.

So u'll have to wait for a day, to get the tidbids from this journey. The next update for this blog would be done on 20-October-2006 from Bangalore.
Thank you.


Parag said…
Binai, I am a regular visitor to your Blogspot.It's really a fun to read your blog. Although, I am not in India, by going through your blog I can savour the memories of the train journeys I have made.
Thanks for REGULARLY sharing your experiences in and around Mumbai.

Awaiiting the detailed report on your Grand Journey to Southern India.
Parag said…
Binai, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Although I am not in India, by visiting your blogspot I can savour the memories of my train journeys on IR.Thanks for REGULARLY treating us with tidbits from in and around Mumbai.

Looking forward to a detailed report from your grand South India trip.