Southern Sparkle: Update 4

An update almost a week after the last one. I was busy all through the day on Thursday (Oct 26) with the formalities of the accident. The car could not be released since the original papers were in Bangalore. That made my Sister-in-law fly-down to Cochin with the papers.
The formalities at the Police-Station, and the RTO was completed on Friday, and the car released on Saturday. This saw me travelling on a KSRTC bus after a long year. The bus was from the Parur depot and was working a Limited-Stop Ordinary Schedule from Guruvayur to Ernakulam Jetty. I got down at Edapally and went to a relatives house there. Moved the car from the Police station to the Workshop for works. My brother had come down from Bangalore and the helped speed up the formalities.
After attending a function at my place in Trichur, I am back again in Cochin to finish the formalities and to return to Mumbai by 1098 Poorna Express departing tonite from Ernakulam Junction.
So...Bye for now! Meet ya again soon!