Not much of spottings!

Today was a very dry day with very less spottings. My EMU reached Kurla by 07:08 - and this was happening after a long time. The Speed Restriction between Mankhurd and Govandi Stations have been reduced/removed. The EMU rushed from Mankhurd to Govandi. Just as my EMU pulled in, I saw the devgiri rushing past with a Pune WDM2. Sometime later, the Intercity went past with a WCAM3. The station dipped to silence until the Chennai-Dadar Express went through. The loco was WCG2 #20139. I boarded by usual train from Kurla. I saw two WCAM3 hauled trains running one behind the other. As my train pulled into Thane, the Mangalore-LTT Matsyagandha Express came in. I couldn't see the loco road number - but was surely an Erode loco.
In the evening while returning, the first and foremost work that I did was to check the timetable of the Thane-Vashi section. The number of services was increased about 2 days back. I wrote down the timetable (can be seen by clicking here). While standing on Platform 6, the Mumbai CST - Kanyakumari Express rushed through with WCG2 #20120. I boarded the 16:23 CST Fast. On the way, about 2 more trains went past. The 16:49 Belapur Local (timing at Kurla) was running late and made an appearance only by close to 1700. The train reached Belapur at about 1733 (which is the time when the train was supposed to return!!!).
Thanks for the read! There ends another day...Meet you tomorrow!