Desperate & Sad

Desperation and Sadness many-a-times go hand-in-hand. Today was one such day! I had a practical examination at my college in Pharmaceutics - a subject in which my grades always remain a notch above. But this time, I don't expect that to be the case!
I got up quite late in the morning because of a hangover of waking late into the night to complete a record book. I missed by 06:33 EMU, and had to settle for the 06:42 one - which too I barely managed to make it! I reached the station at 0639, Platform at 0642. The EMU reached only at 0643 - luckily for me! The EMU pulled into Kurla at about 0717. Just at the EMU was pulling in, I saw the 7:17 Ambernath Fast pulling out. Just as I got down from the EMU, WDG3A #13150 from Pune rushed past with her WDP4-like horns blarring continuously and the 1018 YPR-Dadar Chalukya Express in tow! The run was fantastic, and looked great. I kept waiting for the 07:24 Kasara Fast EMU. The Mandovi usually runs just ahead of this EMU, and I was surprised by its absence. Mandvi was probably late!
I boarded the EMU, and just around then the Latur-Mumbai express rushed with WCAM3 #21935 in charge. The coach that I boarded (in the EMU) was #362A. The coach was not very old and had very soft seats. The run from CLA to TNA was normal.
About the exam - The less said the better. I saw marks draining out of my answer sheet every now-and-then. The initial synopsis ( a set of brief questions based on the Theory), and Viva-voce was a disaster. The experiments were not too good. One question, which used to be treated as a "currency" seemed to have no value. Almost the entire class got wrong answers to the question! With a very heavy heart, I left college at about 1620 - 50 minutes delayed!
IN the evening - I reached TNA at about 1700. Platform 6 was almost empty. A repeater signal was being installed on Platform 10, and I curiously looked at the works going on there. Suddenly, the announcement about Nandigram express had me back on my toes. The train pulled in with WDM3A #18754 from Pune. The train was puny - even punier than the Chalukya - with just 12 coaches! The composition was Loco-SLR-GS-S1 to S6-A1-AS1-GS-SLR. One Sleeper was from E.Co. while the rear SLR was from N.F.R.
Right after the Nandigram pulled out, my EMU (17:12 Fast) pulled in. The rake had 12 coaches and was a pure DC EMU. The EMU had stops at Mulund, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar and Byculla. On the way, the EMU crossed the Deccan queen. Just as I reached Kurla, the 17:42 Panvel local was announced. I decided to leave this local, and relished on Dry Bhel from a local stall. I spotted a MU-ed WCG2 pair moving towards Trombay, and rushed to click it (seen in the image above!). I just then noted a OHE Observation Car waiting at the other end (CSTM end) the yard. The Sun was reflecting on the car, and I clicked one snap. Sometime between the two snaps, a Vashi EMU came in-and-went. I boarded an EMU at about 17:55 or so - that was a Panvel bound one. The coach was #72705 (built in 1994, ICF). I reached home at 18:45 or thereabout! Thanks for the patient read!