Tuesday...a dry day!

I had been to college today after a short day long break. I got up late and my entire schedule had a cascading effect. I missed my 06:33 Belapur-CST local, and had to settle for the 06:42 Panvel-CST local. The journey was dry till Kurla. I missed by 07:17 Ambernath fast also! I had to settle for the 07:24 Kasara Fast!
I severly missed seeing the Chalukya Express. I consoled myself that I could atleast see the mandovi. But even that didn't happen. Sharp at 07:20, my Kasara EMU pulled in. The EMU had a single piece windshield. The Motorman was standing instead of being seated. The coach that I boarded was 362A. The coach was new (a transfer from WR, but it seems that it never made it to the tracks of WR!!!). The interiors of the coach did not have signs of over painting. There was just 3 advertisements inside the coach! The seats were silk soft! I literally sunk into the cushion! The EMU kept its word of reaching me to Thane atleast by 07:40!!! (AC/DC EMUs require just 13-17 minutes of actual running time to cover the distance between Kurla and Thane, while DC ones require between 16-20 minutes!). On the way, i spotted the Vidarbha and Punjab mail.
In the evening, I narrowly missed seeing the Ratnagiri passenger! I boarded an AC/DC EMU (left TNA at 16:19). The coach again was 362A!!! I enjoyed each bit of the journey. On the way, the EMU crossed the Kanyakumari Express, and one WCAM3 hauled train (probably the Kanpur bound Udyog Nagari Express). I spotted the Pragati Express at Kurla. I was too tired by then having lost all my energy working at the laboratory of my college! I took the 16:49 Belapur Slow (coach #72315). The coach made all sorts of noises and did not permit me to even close my eyes!!! I reached home at about 17:30, totally tired and clueless about my today's Blogpost! Thanks guys for reading this crap!
Hope to give a better update tomorrow! God help me to take out some time so that I could spot both the Udyan and Pushpak expresses (Both depart CSTM with about 15-20 between each other, and both get KJM WDP4s!!!).