A few weeks back, our teacher of Pharmacology (a subject that deals with Drug interactions in our Body), threw a question at students in the class - Do you dream? Do you have nightmares?
Most of us shook our heads in approval. She continued saying that, "many are still dreaming..Good morning - Welcome to the class!". She was to teach the Sleep Cycle that day. She classified sleep into two parts viz., Rapid Eye-Movement (REM) sleep and Non REM Sleep. She said that a person requires the right amount of Dreams/Nightmares to have a fresh day!
For the past few days, I have been dreaming of a very sweet thing - a rail journey coming up in October. I would be travelling by 1017 Dadar - Yeshwanthpur Chalukya Express (End-to-End). I decided to keep a watch on the incoming 1018 daily. For the past few weeks this train has been consistently getting WDG3As from Pune. I started loving them shortly. The locos that i had seen in the past week were 13139, 13051, 13150, etc. These WDG3A, named "Shakti" look different from the other WDM series locos. One such WDG3A is seen below::

The loco seen in the above image is WDG3A #13051 from Pune - hauling the KR4 towards Dadar (Shot at Panvel).

I kept wondering whether the loco link of this train has been permanently changed to WDG3A. Today, I had the surprise of the week :: The 1018 Chalukya Express came in with WDM3A 18858R. The loco was in "AB" livery. The loco looked gorgeous as she rushed through Thane's Platform 6.

I tried compiling a list of WDM3A from Pune. I was startled to find that there were just 30 WDM3As, and still PUNE sends their WDM3As with any train! The Road numbers of WDM3As that I noted are: 14093, 16013, 16041, 17854, 17863, 17871, 17897, 17910, 17924, 17967, 18575, 18612, 18621, 18648, 18651, 18660, 18688, 18702, 18719, 18724, 18737, 18757, 18764, 18767, 18773, 18858, 18925, 18933, 18951, 18976.

Hopefully, the Chalukya that i would travel has either a WDM3A or WDG3A #13150. 13150 has a WDP4 like horn!!!

More coming up tomorrow.......