A day of diesels and a nasty headache!

Today was a day of diesels! The day was usual until Kurla. At Kurla, I saw a light WDM2 from Kalyan rush towards CST. Around then, My EMU came in and i took a seat. The Sharavati Express to Dadar rushed past around the same time. I couldn't notice the loco number. I decided to be at the door for most of the journey. I spotted the Punjab mail (WCAM3 #21952) at Vikhroli. Crossed the Vidarbha at Mulund. The train pulled into Thane before time. There was no word about the Mandovi and hence I left for college.
Was very busy at college that I developed a nasty headache by evening. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I rushed back to Thane (only for a few surprises!). As I entered the station, I saw the Sewagram (towards Nagpur) leave. Sometime later, a WDM2 from Kalyan rushed past with a "Track Observation car" in tow. Minutes after this, the Konark towards Bhubaneshwar crossed the station. The PA system announced the arrival of KR3. I saw the train enter the station. The loco doing the honours was WDM3A #13064 from Pune (so that was the loco that worked Sharavati in the morning!).

The passenger had 13 coaches today. She halted for about 2 minutes at the station. The crowd in the train was "moderate". After the passenger went past, the 5647 LTT-Guwahati Express (delayed by close to 9 hours) rushed towards Kalyan. The "flag-man" had his jaw drop on seeing the train! I boarded the 16:03 CST Fast EMU. On my way, I crossed 2 trains which I presume to be Kanyakumari Express and Lashkar Express (to Agra). I reached Kurla at about 16:30. I decided to give the 16:49 Belapur EMU a miss and kept waiting to see the Nandigram. The Pragati 'superfast' rushed past shortly. I walked towards the CST end of the platform (Island Platform #5/6). The CST end is usually empty. Sometime later, my attention was attracted by the sound of a Diesel loco:

That was WDM2 #17739 from Pune. She was working the Nanded bound Nandigram express. The loco was in her original "Maroon" or "Rust" livery. This particular train used to get WCAM3 until about 3-4 days back. A Diesel loco running under the wires from Manmad to Mumbai is surprising! My forgot my headache for a moment. I rushed to Platform 7 and took an EMU to belapur (17:04 Slow). The headache pulled me down heavily. I slowly reclined on the seat and had a short nap. I was waken up abruptly by water droplets falling on my face! I opened my eyes to see that it was raining heavily!!! Both sides of the train were completely covered with smog and the visibility was hardly 100-200 metres! The slowed down considerably. The rain kept continuing (and is still continuing!).
A hot and humid day finally gave way to a heavy rain! Hope to have another day of diesels tomorrow!!!