Chalukya with a WDP4???

I had the worst shock my life today! I slipped into an Absence (Petite Mal) Seizure in just seconds of landing at Kurla!!!!

I took my usual local from Belapur being disgusted about not getting my daily morning newspaper - the paper vendor at the station was just coming in, while my train was ready to leave! I reached Kurla - surprisingly on Time - at 07:06. I saw the Pune intercity rushing out with a WCAM3 at her helm! I reached Platform 5. As usual did not board the 07:11 Karjat fast, and instead kept waiting for the 07:17 Ambernath fast. I saw the Ferozpur-Mumbai Punjab mail rushing past Kurla. She picked up all the dust on the platform. I wished to see the chalukya. Some time later, I heard the ever-familiar horn of a diesel loco - That was WDG3A #13051 from Pune. She was working the Chalukya Express (Surprised about the caption??? Read on!).
She was carrying a Dead WDP4 (#20020) with her! I was totally awe-struck, and initially failed to spot my local! Some how boarded the local. I had a diesel feast today - We crossed the Matsyagandha near Vikhroli!

On reaching Thane, I decided to wait for the Mandovi. Some time later, she pulled in. The loco was WDP4 #20026 from KJM. This train is now 22 coaches long. She now carries an Extra Sleeper coach! I rushed out of the station, took a "Red-Monster" to College!

I had the usual fare in the evening! The local was the 04:37 ST Fast ex-Thane. This local halts at Mulund, Vikhroli, Kurla, Dadar and Byculla! I saw that interesting sight of the train running through a heavily crowded Ghatkopar station today!!!

More coming tomorrow...Sadly - This blog would have updates on Sundays also. My College has just decided to make Final year students work on all the 7 days of the week. Now we work 6 hours for 7 days a week!!! Hopefully, I'd be carrying my camera on Sunday! So..Wait till then!


Manoj Krishnan said…
is it another failed wdp4 they seem to be failing with amazing regularity

manojk krishnan

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