Another week.... a day when I feel the most tired - Sadly, Monday marks the beginning of a very torturous week. The day began as usual. The journey to Thane was normal. The day took a few un-natural and interesting turns - read on!
At about 9.30AM, we (myself, and two of my friends) got a very exciting and happy news - Our teacher was absent. This meant that we had a fully free day ahead. We decided to hang out for a movie. (Of course, with my Mom's permission). Little did we know that the events of the day was going to take such a marvellous turn. At about 10.00 AM, we decided to get out of the college. We walked down the two floors from the Library to the gate with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. We were shocked on reaching the gate - the gate was closed. A higher-up from the management had instructed the gate-keeper not to let anybody out of the college until 14.30. We desperately wanted to leave the college. We tried every trick (including greasing of palms) to get out of the college. One student from our college tried his skills of high-jump. He suceeded. He jumped out of the compound across a 8 feet granite stone wall. By 10.45, all students from our batch came down. We once again tried every trick that we knew with the gate-keepers (3 of them, We were about 12). Lastly, we gathered all our courage and asked the gatekeeper to connect to the principal of our college to confirm if we were really free for the day. (We were sure that our principal was absent!). We managed to divert the attention of all the 3 gate keepers.
Just around this time, one boy from our class quietly un-locked the gate and opened it wide. We siply ran out from the gate! We ran non-stop for about 200 metres. All of our were panting, gasping and laughing!!!! We couldn't control the excitement!!! We rushed to the cinema hall. The show was at 12.45. We filled out stomach from Dosa Plaza. We entered the hall at about 12:30. The show began on time. The movie was Lage Raho Munnabhai. I was seeing a Bollywood-flick after long 2.5 years in a cinema hall! Co-incidentially the last movie that I saw in a cinema hall was Munnabhai MBBS. Lage Raho is a sequel to Munnabhai MBBS. The movie was overall a very good one. It runs to about 2 hours and 35 minutes. The movie has a lot of comedy and lots of History to learn! The movie defines 'following Gandhi principles' as Gandhigiri!!! The songs are okay. The Background music is a direct pick from the advertisement of ICICI Bank.
We just couldn't control our excitement even when we stood at the station waiting for a train! I boarded the 16:19 CST Fast. The EMU was an AC/DC one. We crossed the KR3 Ratnagiri Passenger at Thane. The loco was WDG3A #13048 from Pune.
The day was very interesting with a lot of surprising and unexpected turns and twists!
Warning & a word of caution: The experience of mine - which has been narrated above - is just a part of the college fun. It is kindly requested that no-body should try imitating the same or mimic the activity at your institution. This could lead to severe disciplinary action.