Railfanning in Mumbai...Post 11/07 (Part 2)

If you are reading this blog for the first time, you are recommended to read the first part of this post, first)

My assumptions simply turned right, and the teacher failed to turn up! Quite happy and disgusted (on the teacher's absence) i made my way back towards Thane on a rickety state transport bus with a friend of mine. The bus was packed to the fullest, and leaking to the maximum possible extent, we made it to Thane. We both were hungry and went in for a brunch at the nearby Kunj Vihar - a renowned "snack bar" in Thane. We parted ways inside the station, with him going towards Dombivli, and myself towards Kurla.
Thane was silent at that hour. I narrowly missed a fast local my seconds. I slowly walked towards the Kalyan end of the platform and found out a place to sit. The entire length of the platform had one single RPF constable who was day-dreaming! Main-Line traffic was less. I kept watching EMUs rushing to their destinations. A Kalyan WDM2 led tanker rake rumbled past the platform. An improper point on the track ensured that everyone had their ears closed.

Some minutes later, a WCAM3 rushed past the station with the Pavan Express towards Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in tow. The train was too fast that it managed to kick up all dust in the platform that had settled since the onset of monsoon! The mainline regained calmness barring for a few odd-EMUs rumbling towards Kalyan. At close to 12:10, the Netravati Express towards Trivandrum pulled in with WDM2 #17834 from Erode in charge! Minutes after the train stopped, the Sewagram express towards Dadar came in on platform 6. The RPF constable who was sleeping on the other part of the platform now woke up and was jotting down something in a book.
After all these trains went, I decided to slowly leave! The fast EMU that just came in was quite crowded. I left the first one, and boarded the second. I grabbed space near the door. On our way towards Kurla, we crossed the North-bound Pawan Express, and the Trivandrum bound weekly express.
We pulled into Ghatkopar - just to be welcomed by a huge sea of passengers waiting for this fateful local! We crossed the Varanasi bound Kamayani Express just at this station! The journey beyond was eventless!

Conclusion: The police is still to act! I had a very successful railfanning in Mumbai :-)