Another day of Late Running trains!

You may be wondering what the title means!!! I came across a variety of late running trains today. (Now onwards, the title for such postings would be : Day of Late Runners - Day XXX) That would be a better title!!! The day began as usual for me. I took my regular 06:33 slow ex-Belapur. The journey was normal and un-eventful till the time the EMU reached Govandi (three stations before Kurla while travelling towards Mumbai CST from Belapur). At Govandi, I heard a very unclear announcement regarding some sort of disruptions on the Harbour line. The announcement was being continuously being relayed over the PA system of the station. The origin of the message of the Kendriya Soochna Prasaran Kaksha or the Central Information Control Room of CR. This message made me panicky! The train continued its normal run until Tilak Nagar. The EMU just left the station, and was held up at the Advanced Starter. The train that left just ahead of my EMU from Belapur was just a block ahead. There was another EMU right behind my EMU! The 2 km run between Tilaknagar and Kurla took over 10 minutes. By the time I reached Kurla, it was 07:20 (I usually reach by 07:09). I had a close call with the 07:24 Kasara EMU and just managed to get into that train!!!
The run between Kurla and Thane was done in 15 minutes as against the normal 22 minutes for this particular train!!!
On the way, I spotted the Devgiri Express only! Samarsatta and Vidarbha expresses were absent conspicuously! The highlight of the day was the spotting of WCAM2 near Vikhroli!

During my return journey, the list of late runners was simply topped. I spotted the Samarsatta at Thane in the evening at 16:45 hrs. This train should have crossed Thane atleast at 07:00 hrs! She was close to 10 hours late!!! There was the usual fiesta of crossings by the Lucknow express, Pragati Express and Nandigram Express. I spotted the "Dakkhan ki Rani" or "Deccan Queen" at Kurla being hauled by a proud WCAM3!!! The return journey was too uneventful to be described!
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