Another day at railfanning!

Today was yet another day of railfanning! I started off from my home at 06:20 as usual to board the 06:33 CSTM local. I reached Kurla by about 07:08. Just As I walked down the steps of the new slippery FOB at Kurla to reach Platform 5, the 07:11 Karjat fast left the station. I was now waiting for my regular 07:17 Ambernath fast. Just while I waited, two MU-ed WCAM3s rushed past the platform with a long set of Sleeper and Second Chair Car coaches of NR, NCR, SR, and CR. All coaches were closed and were probably bound to Matunga workshop. My train reached by now. The journey to Ghatkopar was uneventful except for the crossing of Devgiri Express near Vidyavihar. At Ghatkopar, I spotted the Chalukya express with her almost regular link - Pune WDG3A. After Ghatkopar, and before Mulund my emu crossed the Habibganj-LTT Express and the Latur-CSTM Express. My EMU crossed the Vidarbha express just outside TNA.
Whilst on the return, I spotted a Twin WCG2 (#20144 & 20147) hauled "Flat-Car" rake. I also spotted the CSTM-Kanyakumari express rushing past. While on the EMU, I spotted a WCAM3 hauled express, the Pragati Express (WCG2 @ Ghatkopar) and the Nandigram (WCAM3 @ Kurla) before making it to Kurla.
My EMU (16:23 TNA-CSTM 12-Car Fast) regularly get red signal at Ghatkopar Outer & GC-Starter. This is a regular occurence. My EMU is usually closely followed by another Fast which comes from Kalyan. Both these trains are usually just back-to-back!!!
More to come on monday!