The 16:27 Employees train....

Central Railway operates a few Employee special locals on each day. This is a form to their salute to thousands of railway employees who help the mighty system to keep running each minute. The train, a 12-car local, is run from Mumbai CST to Kalyan. It is usually a Fast local which halts at every station which has platforms for fast trains. The train is usually packed to the brim with employees occupying each inch of space available. They mostly occupy all seats and are usually found sitting on the floor also! I spot this train almost regularly at Mulund (at 16:27). I spotted this train today also. (seen in the image).
In addition to this, I had my usual dose of crossings in the form of Pragati Express, and one train of the 2107/2173/2153/2161 group (Today, it was 2153 Habibganj Express). I missed Nandigram Express today!!!
Another interesting thing: Yesterday in the evening I boarded #333A (working the AN16 fast). Today I travelled in #72333 (working the DA1 Fast). Now one can understand why CR hasn't re-numbered! But CR could have renumbered 333A as 82333 or 92333!!!