The abyss of blogging..

The year 2010 would easily go into the history of this blog as an abyss. With just over 30 posts over the year, Platform7 was dormant for most parts of the year. Not because nothing happened over the year, I got all the more lazy to post! Life has been on the slow track over this year (more on that later).

Getting back to studies after close to two years of living off my own money was not a simple task. My exams just got concluded - and was preceeded by a two month study vacation. I began each day of my vacation with the pledge to start studying "today", and ended up the day with a pledge to start studying "tomorrow". The two months ran off as if it were just two days, and it finally dawned on me that the exam starts the next day! The regular "guilty" feeling of not starting early dawns, and finally ends up in leaving me hurrying through! I do love "performing" under pressure, though!

All the 5 papers had something in common - a terrible "Second" part. Our question papers were divided in two sections. In almost all the papers, the first section was annoyingly long, and the second section had to be left part way. Getting back to writing 3 hours at a stretch was not easy either - been used to typing out text, writing for that long was indeed a painful experience. I wound up each day with my hand paining like hell. As the exams ended, the regular drama of "Will I Pass" started as well!

As a part of getting back to studies (more specifically, with exams nearing),I quit both my hobbies this year (not completely, though) and concentrated on doing nothing (quite literally). After having spent most of the year at home (yeah!), I've now got used to doing nothing! However, doing "nothing" does require some skill - given the fact that I get close to 18 hours to do "nothing". Acquired a new camera sometime in the middle of this year, and have been experimenting with it since. Recently got a new set of lens for it, for me to go places!

Although I don't plan to get back to my hobbies with vengeance, I do plan to get back to them in a somewhat slight manner. I do wish the year ahead has some fun!


Unknown said…
"I began each day of my vacation with the pledge to start studying "today", and ended up the day with a pledge to start studying "tomorrow". Hee!Hee! All students in India are having the same "Good" thoughts irrespective of State, Language etc.

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