Onam is around the corner!!!

The most celebrated festival in Kerala - Onam is now just 10 days away. Onam, a festival to celebrate paddy harvesting, is believed to be the day when the mythical ruler of Kerala - Mahabali - visits his old subjects. History says it that Mahabali was a very generous king, and his rule had evoked jealousy even among gods. It is said that during Mahabali's rule, there were thieves and the country was at its height of prosperity. Mahabali was banished from the world by Vamanan, and he was given the rights to visit his subjects each year.

Astrologically, Onam is celebrated on the day marked by Thiruvonam star in the Malayalam month of Chingam. The first day of Chingam is also celebrated by some sections as the Malayalam New year. As a sign of welcoming the erstwhile ruler of the land, households would decorate their doorsteps with floral designs, called as Pookkalam, locally. Onam is always on the tenth day from the day marked by Atham star in the Malayalam month of Chingam. Floral Designs are made on all days starting from the Atham day. Today was Atham.

Wishing all Malayalees a very Happy Onam, and a very prosperous year ahead!!!