Back in town...

The 3895 kilometre, Central Indian adventure concluded yesterday. While the first day of the trip had a few updates on the blog, the other days couldn't be updated due to certain connectivity issues over my GPRS connection. The connection refused to work after I crossed over into Maharashtra, and the stale mate continued all the way till I was back in town.

The trip was nice and the weather was pleasant. It drizzled slightly through Saturday, and this helped the weather remain cool. The MG ride was amazing, and the puny locos confounded us to no end. The train did comfortable 70-75 kmph, and the ride was really smooth - unlike my previous experience on the Palakkad-Kollengode section.

The Rajdhani journey (from Bangalore to Nagpur) is one forgettable journey, barring the fact that it was my first WAP7 ride. The coach was maintained poorly, the airconditioners refused to work most of the time, the sways were bad and the overall cleanliness did not live up to the aura associated with a Rajdhani Express. However, the speed was good and we stuck more or less to the timetable.

The Garib Rath journey from Nagpur to Akola was far better than the Rajdhani. The meal service on the train was far better and cleaner than the Rajdhani. The coach was new, and was well kept. This train too ran on time, and we were before time at most places. We had the honour of meeting IRFCAn Zubin Dotivala at Badnera. Coincidentally, it was his birthday. The stay at Akola was nice.

The rest of the journey is worth a seperate post of its own.... a more detailed post with more snippets, some photographs, etc are on its way.....