Ten traffic commandments for Bangalore...

Bangalore (er! Bengaluru), the so-called silicon valley of India, has the worst traffic conditions that you would expect in a metropolitan city. Traffic rules are seldom followed by road users and it appears that traffic rules do not apply to Bangalore city! Here are some tips, in case you plan to drive in Bangalore:  

1. First and foremost rule: Drive on the right hand side of the road if you want to drive slow. Do not exceed speeds of 40kmph if you are on the right hand side of the road. Faster vehicles will need to clear obstacles, a.k.a hurdles to reach their end point. In case you are not sure of whether you are fast or slow, stick to the middle of the road!  

2. Never ever expect Autorickshaws or Bikers to drive decently. Be completely prepared to have a scratch or two on your vehicle by the time you complete you drive through the city. Beware of bikers, they may just land up in front of you without any warnings – keep an eye, else you’ll land up in Jail for causing injury due to “rash driving”.  

3. Want to take a right turn? Drive on the extreme left end of the road. Switch on the indicator just a couple of metres before the turn, and turn sharply. Others’ll either wait, or bang right in the middle of your vehicle. The opposite applies for taking a left turn. 

4. Want to stop your car to drop someone? No issues! Just stop in the middle of the road, and take your sweet time to let the person get down. Others are not in a hurry as much you are...  

5. Traffic signal rules are different for Bangalore city. Unlike other cities, a “Red” signal means “you may proceed”. And Green means “stop”. The Yellow signal is kept as a filler since a traffic signal normally has three lamps, and they keep the yellow light to entertain you if you get bored of red or green ;-)  

6. The “Yellow” line, or the “Stop Line” at traffic signals are to indicate that you may cross the line, and stop in the middle of the road if the signal turns red/green.  

7. If a board reads “No Parking” or if it is a circular board with a blue background and a red cross on it, you may park your car right under it. “Car Parkings” are for two wheelers to park their vehicles and not for “Cars” as it means in other cities.  

8. Autorickshaws in Bangalore are free to take a turn anywhere as they like without any signals. They are free to drive in a zig-zag manner, and other road users have no right to question them. If a rick hits a parked car, the car driver is at fault!! Who on earth gave permission for the car driver to park his car when he knows that a rick might be running on the road?  

9. Footpaths are for bikers to drive and not for walkers to walk. Pedestrians are always free to walk in the middle of the road.  

10. Beware of One-ways. 90% of the roads in the city are one-ways. Keep a look at signboards indicating that the road is a one way. Such boards are normally kep hidden behind trees, or there could be advertisements blocking you view. As luck always favours, there would a traffic cop waiting just metres ahead of the signpost so that you can reduce the weight of you wallet quickly. 

It is not as difficult to spend money in Bangalore, you know?  


Kaushik said…
ROFL. So true, have been experiencing these phenomenons in Bangalore for last 8 years. Rules here are definitely different then other parts of the country.
Oh one more thing, about the one ways, Never be sure that the one way you've taken yesterday will remain that way today. It dynamically changes to the opposite direction overnight.
Anonymous said…
lmao !! so absolutely true... the comment wid right hand is the speediest lane and the cars never exceeds 40kmph is vv true :)
and one more thing to add autorickshaw walas are the goondas of b'lore u cant argue them in anyway or they are ready to fight u or kill u and have a strong sense of community among them if 1 is fighting everyone else jumps in ....