Back in Bangalore...


After a 10-day long relaxation visit to Kerala, I am back in Bangalore once again. This would be a short visit here in Bangalore, and I would be heading back to Kerala soon. The journey was filled with enough suspense and drama! I had reserved a ticket for the Bangalore Intercity for Friday (20 June). I was heading back home in a bus when I heard about a Harthal in the district the next day i.e., on my date of journey!

To add fuel to the fire, my ticket was waitlisted too! I decided to move to my aunt's home the previous night itself. The journey to my aunt's home in Ernakulam was more dramatical! I left my home at around 8pm. No buses stopped at the bus stop near my home, and after long suspense filled minutes, a rickshaw stopped. I reached Kodungallur at around 2030. A bus turned up at 2100. I reached my aunt's home at around 2230.

My uncle dropped me at Alwaye (Aluva) station the next morning. My ticket was still waitlisted, and I had to book another ticket in the same train from Coimbatore to Bangalore. I took an unreserved ticket from Aluva to Coimbatore. The train came in at 0940 with WDM3A #14080 of Ernakulam in charge! The run was beautiful from Alwaye to Coimbatore. I managed to get an emergency window seat for this section of the journey. For the remaining of the trip, I had to settle for my reserved seat in the same coach.

The train was hell crowded from Coimbatore to Bangalore. It was an average trip (more details would come in my travelogue - to be published very soon). We finally managed to reach Bangalore at 2148 - late by a whole 38 minutes! Images would come soon....


Pradeep Nair said…
A refreshing blog, I must say! Reached your blog while surfing for something. Trains are always fascinating, and it is nice to see a blog dedicated to them. I marvel at the vast network we have.

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