In search of rails without the wires...

A rather long dream of railfanning at a location which does not have the menace called wires was fulfilled today! I got an off at office after about three weeks of holiday less work. So decided to utilize it in the best way a railfan can - finding out a new railfanning point! I called up IRFCAn Deep to find out if he was free. He came down to Panvel at 1045, and we left towards Panvel. We ran through Panvel Bye-pass and got straight to Somatne. We then took a turn and entered the road towards Rasayani. The track runs almost parallel all the way, and we then decided on a good location for railfanning.

Our place was at Village Narpoli. We caught three trains there, and the highlight of all was the Trivandrum bound Netravati Express with the WDM3A! (Seen below)


After being there till about 2PM, we rushed to Panvel station. We had some light snacks, and got back to railfanning. Panvel was at its best after a long time, and there were regular freight movements throughout the time we were there!

Mastyagandha towards Mangalore left at around 1545 with WDM3A #14076 of Ernakulam in charge. The LTT bound Netravati came in at around 1615 with WDM3A #14051 of Ernakulam in charge. We left Panvel at around 1630, and I reached home shortly after 1515.

Images of the day are here.... Sorry for rushing through and making a rather small report (Will edit this and make a bigger one very soon!)