Roaming in Mumbai

I had a very short railfanning today at Mumbai. I was sitting Idle at home since my office shift is at night! It was a result of a pretty long planning. I left my home at around 0930. I took a train from Vashi, a one that started from there. I was initially planning to take a train to CST, to check out the trip shed there. But later, I decided to head to Thane to see the Netravati Express.

I took a Slow EMU from Kurla towards Thane. A WCAM3 went a bit ahead of my EMU on the through line. The WCAM3 was seen reversing into LTT Trip Shed later on. We crossed quite some trains on the way. The crossings were: The Rajendranagar-LTT Express with a WCAM3 at Kanjur Marg, The Sahyadri Express with a WCG2 at Bhandup and the Sewagram Express with a WCAM3 at Mulund. A WCAM3 hauled train over took my EMU just as we were entering Thane. As I entered the Foot over bridge, a single Kalyan WDM2 hauled tanker rake rushed off towards Kurla.

Right behind this tanker rake was a BCNA rake hauled by twin Kalyan WDM2s (16049 coupled to 18169). There was no action for some time. Then at around 1210, WDM3A #14140 of Erode pulled in with the Netravati Express to Trivandrum. I was expecting a WDM3D, and this loco let me down! I took an EMU a while later and decided to head to Ghatkopar instead. On the way, I crossed two WCAM3 hauled trains. (One was probably the Pawan, and the other was probably the Weekly Express to Trivandrum). I got down at Ghatkopar, and stood for some time on the Foot over bridge. I loved seeing two Kingfisher Aircrafts coming down to land!

Just as I reached down on the platform, I saw the Hyderabad-Mumbai Express rushing in towards Mumbai with a WCG2 in charge (Sorry! Couldn't photograph since the train came in too fast!). I then took an EMU to Kurla. On the way, I saw WCAM3 #21954 pulling out of LTT with the Kamayani Express. I reached Kurla, and rushed over to Platform 5 to see the Hyderabad Express. An RPF officer was sitting around my favorite area, and I had to quickly hatch plans to take a photograph without him being aware!

Some time around 1300, a Kalyan WDM2 rushed towards Dadar with an unknown Holiday Special Train. The Hyderabad Express went through at 1307 with...


...WDM3A #18886R of Kazipet. So the diesel link is CONFIRMED! I was too tired to continue more, and my eyes were drooping! I had to get back home and have a nice sleep to prepare for my duty at night! I took the next EMU back to Vashi. I had left my car there....

The images of the day are here, starting with this one. 5 Images in all...