A visit to Alappuzha Beach...

Alappuzha (formerly called as Alleppey) is a small sleep town in the South Indian State of Kerala. The district has most of its parts along the coast, and the remaining forming part of the Rice bowl area "Kuttanad". The entire district has lots of tourist attractions, and is a major point for Tourists visiting Kerala. The district holds the maximum number of "house boats" present in the state, and has a rather well-used water way for internal transportations.

Alappuzha has a pretty long beach which is by-and-far a tourist attract. This beach has a "bridge", locally called as Kadal Paalam literally translated as "Sea Bridge". Alappuzha was a major port during the pre-independence era. The city had a huge number of coir industries. The town was called as the "Venice of the East". The port lost its importance when a major port at Cochin was opened. This bridge was used to transport material from sister ships which would anchor on to this bridge. Bigger ships could not directly approach the "port". The remants of the Old port offices, warehouses, customs offices, etc still remain. The city railway station too is very near to the beach, so near that one can see trains entering the station!

Now, some pictures after this long introduction:

This image shows the bridge. Unfortunately, this piece of history is now left to rot by the authorities. Nobody is now permitted to enter the bridge, and the structure has been damaged at most places. The wooden planks have begun falling down, and the iron structures have fully corroded!

Some more images:

Like every beach, this one too has its share of fishing communities. You can see some of their boats in the immediately above image.

Poor little bulb! She has outlived her age. The reflections of the setting sun can be seen on this image...

The sun goes down marking the end of a tiring long day! The clouds spoiled my plans of capturing the setting sun! I love the boat near the sun!

Another image of the sea bridge. Just like the sun setting down, the days of this bridge too is numbered!

Like every beach, this one too is a heaven for ice cream vendors. But due to the smaller number of visitors, there were only around 5-6 vendors along the beach. There are quite some restaurants around though.

Finally one more image before winding up...

So, thats it for the day! More such posts about my most recent trip to Kerala would be appearing in the days to come...


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