First Day @ Work...

Just as I had mentioned in my immediately previous post, I joined for the first job in my career today. It is a basic desk job with a reputed BPO (This job is actually a stop-gap arrangement till and get in for my Post Graduation!). A guy from the HR department called me up on October 11, and asked me to report on October 15 (today) at 0900.

I got up on time, and after the regular morning chores, I rushed off to a nearby temple. Now begins the drama! I accidentally locked the car with the keys inside! The time was already 0820. My mom rushed home to pick the spare keys while I finished the work at the temple. She returned by 0845. I had a mad run after that and managed to reach the BPO by 0905. I was upset on reaching late on the first day itself!

I signed a register, and was given a temporary Identity card. I rushed off to the training hall. About 15 other candidates had already arrived. I was the 16th, and after some time the 17th joined. HR executives turned up for the induction process at 1030 (What a punctuality!). The process began 5 minutes later, and was completed by 1130. Candidates were divided on the basis of qualification, and the final training batch now had 13 candidates including me. That was 5 "girls" and the remaining boys.

The "trainer" turned up at 1245! (Another case of punctuality - the session was supposed to begin at 1000!). A small 15 minutes session, and the hall now had another set of trainees waiting for their session! We were shunted to another hall, and 30 more minutes later it was lunch break! The session resumed at 1415, and at 1500 we changed the hall once again! (We returned to the hall where we sat first). The session went on till 1545 with the trainer explaining what our job was all about! (I am bound by an confidentiality agreement for NOT disclosing what exactly is my job!).

The "trainer" finished off his job at 1550, and we were permitted to move. While walking out of the hall, I read a pretty famous "Quality" statement of "Juran": Quality is never an accident, it is planned! The way the company achieves "Quality" is hilarious! Interestingly, out of the 13 "trainees" who attended the session today, hardly 3 of them (of course including me!) could speak in english! Luckily, we are NOT into handling voice based processes!

More such posts can be expected in the days to come...