Sunday on the SE line...Part 2

We reached Shelu after a very short 5 minute ride. While riding the EMU itself, we decided on the spot where we should stand for further railfanning. After getting down at Shelu, we walked a few metres, may be around 100-odd metres, towards Neral. The tracks makes up a rough "S" shaped curve, and then about a kilometre of straight track, punctuated by a sharp left curve. In the straight section, there is a down gradient quickly followed by an up gradient. (This description as seen while standing at Shelu looking towards Neral).

Myself and Karan decided to stay near an OHE pole which gave us ample room to be safe if a train came on the UP line. Out first target was the Kanyakumari Express. Shortly after we reached there, an EMU rushed towards Khopoli. Some minutes after the EMU went, the Kanyakumari Express rushed through with WCAM3 #21981 in charge. After the Kanyakumari Express went past, Arzan called up Karan and asked us to join them. (They had walked a few metres further towards Neral). We walked up to them, and they had pretty more room to be safe!

Our first spotting after reaching the new vantage point was the Pune bound Pragati Express. WCAM3 #21882 was incharge of Pragati. Shortly after Pragati went, WCG2 #20138 rushed towards Mumbai with the Deccan Express in tow. Karan was waiting patiently to meet the "Diesel God", and all of a sudden we heard a horn very similar to the WDP4! We were all seat and took positions to get the best pic of the loco! We heard the horn again, but the loco wasn't visible! Some minutes later, the noise came closer and much to the disappointment of Karan, the loco was working Short Hood Forward!


The loco was WDP4 #20027 of Krishnarajapuram. The loco smoked lightly as she cleared a gradient! We had a very good time clicking the monster. We were now waiting for the next big spotting - the Queen! The Queen (Pune bound Deccan Queen) made her appearance behind WCAM3 #21889 at around 1822. Just as the Queen cleared the down gradient, the Mumbai bound Koyna Express became visible. WCG2 #20151 was in charge of the Koyna.
After this spotting, we walked back slowly to the station (Shelu). While waiting for our return EMU, we had another surprise spotting! The Okha bound Express from Ernakulam! This train is supposed to take the KRCL route, but a landslide there forced the train here. She was about 20 hours late then, and WDM3A #17894 of Ernakulam was in charge! We left one EMU doe to crowd, and picked the next one.
Arzan decided to stay back at Shelu to catch some more action. During our journey back to Mumbai, we had two Loco pilots to our company. We got some information from them, and the entire return ride was interesting. I got down at Kurla. At Kurla, while waiting for my EMU to get back to Belapur, I spotted the Trivandrum Mumbai Weekly Express and the Pune Mumbai Intercity Express. I reached back home at around 2130.

The images of the day are here. Please have a look and them, and do send in your valuable comments. Bye...