A short branch exploration....

I had to take my car to the service centre today, and the engineer there promised to deliver the car by 1730 in the evening. Going back to home, and then getting back to Thane would be tiring, and decided to utilise the day better! I had IRFCAns Ranjeet Ramaswamy, and Ravi (Also a member of another discussion forum) with me. We decided to do the Diva-Vasai Line on the 1683 Diva-Vasai DMU. This was my first experience on this branch line!!!

We met at Thane, and proceeded to Diva at around 1400. We reached Diva at 1415, and our train was already waiting for us. The scheduled departure time was 1425, and we made it to the train easily. The train was 8 coaches long, with the Locomotive attached to the centre of the rake! The loco in charge today was WDM2 #18169 of Kalyan. She was a good smoker, and the journey was simply marvellous! We left Diva at around 1428. We crossed a Long Container train hauled by a WCAM2 at Kopar Road.

The journey from Kopar road to Vasai Home was normal, without any crossings. The bridge across Ulhas River (Which was damaged in July 2005) is still being repaired, and the UP trains use the Down Lines to cross the river. The climate was pleasant with a cool breeze, and not much of sun! We stopped at Vasai Road Home, for platform clearance. A Container train worked by Gomoh WAG7 #27225 crossed us at Vasai Home.

We reached the station at around 1535. A Katni WDG3A (#14753) was roaming around with a short BCNA rake. We were at the station till about 1740. During the time, we spotted the Ranakpur Express with a WCAM1, the Amritsar-Bandra Paschim Express with a WCAM2, the Borivli-Dahanu passenger with a WCAM1 (#21844), Kutch Express behind WCAM1 (#21824), Bandra-Jaipur Triweekly express with a WCAM1 (#21810), and finally the Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express behind WCAM2P #21861. We left the station after Rajdhani Express.

I and Ranjeet took a bus to Thane, while Ravi took an EMU to Andheri. While our bus was running towards the highway, we spotted the Bandra-Nizamuddin Garib Rath with a WCAM2. The train had around 21 Coaches including two coaches in maroon livery! We reached Thane at about 1900. The photos of the day can be seen here.
Bye for the day! But tune in tomorrow for a HUGE surprise!