Apologies....But that wasn't me!

Sorry....Sorry for not posting for this long! It is indeed a very long time since I posted. But truly, It wasn't me who caused all these!!!

I had some work in college on Saturday, April 21 - Two days after my last post. The journey to college was normal! After about 1400, I started feeling tired and by evening, I had lost all my energy! I was totally run-down, and I had a tough time reaching home. I reached home by around 1830, and was totally tired. I did not have dinner, and instead directly went to bed. The next morning, I had developed Pyrexia (Fever) and had heavy body pain. I saw a small rash on my hand, while my mom spotted a few more on my forehead!

I had contracted a Viral infection - an infection by Varicella Zoster Virus. This disease is commonly called as Chicken Pox! I was totally on the bed for the next few days. The doctor prescribed an Antiviral therapy of Famciclovir (Virovir by FDC). The regimen was about a tablet (250 mg) every 6 hours. Pox developed all over my body, and the infection lasted till Tuesday. The pox started disappearing in about two days, and finally I was healthy enough to browse the computer by Saturday.

But....The computer now got a viral attack!!! Finally, the PC is back on its heels today...and a post is online today! I need some more rest.....Bye! Hoping to make a post tomorrow!