200 and still on....


!!! Two Hundred Posts !!!

We are now Two Hundred posts Young! This blog has finally completed two hundred posts, and this is the 201st post! Thank you for your encouraging patronage!

The hundredth post was on November 29, 2006 and it took long 5-and-a-half months for the next century! Thanks to the apathic maintenance of the telephone connection by the state run telecom provider - I could reach this milestone today!

The way ahead is long for Platform 7. As a part of the celebrations, Platform 7 got new costumes about a week back, and I hope you liked it! Please post your comments about the blog here! I am in dire need of them - After all, everyone needs response from the reader to improve!

Thank you once again for the patronage - Do maintain the same for the days to come. The signal is green, and the flag is being waved. Hope that my locomotive now notches up, and we reach our top speed!


Anonymous said…
I liked the new te,plate very much. the pic of 2431 at the top is one of my favourite pics clicked by you
Hi, Binai. i think the pic of 2431 was clicked by u with me. Great Indeed.
Binai K Sankar said…
Yeah! Thats the same pic! Coincidentally, the pic in this post was taken on the day we met for the first time!