Two WDPs causing an earthquake!

Foreword: Sorry for not updating for the past few days. The Internet service provider had been playing bad games! The connection was done since Thursday!

The WDP4 story...

I boarded my usual 0737 EMU from Belapur. The EMU departed late by about 3 minutes from Belapur, and another EMU running just ahead caused more havoc. We were crawling through the distance, and the train reached Kurla late by about 8 minutes. My connecting train (0818 Badlapur) was already on Platform 5 while my train pulled into Kurla. Just as I stepped on the platform, I saw the Badlapur EMU "jerking ahead"! I walked slowly over to Platform 5. The next Fast EMU was only at 0846 (Ambernath 12-Car). I had lots of time to spend at Kurla, and decided to check the CSTM End of the station.

A small description of the platform: The island platform housing Platforms 5 & 6 is curved and trains running from Mumbai CST side towards Ghatkopar, takes a sharp right curve, then slowly but steadily takes a left curve to run through the platform, and then once again takes a right curve rounding around Kurla Goods Yard and crossing Vidyavihar station. The approach of trains from Mumbai CST towards Kurla is picturesque, and is surely worth the risk of clicking!

Udyan Express towards Bangalore was expected to run through any time. The starter turned green, and the PA system warned passengers on Platform 5 about a "fast train" passing through. My camera got ready. I spotted an off-duty police officer standing near the end of the platform. It was safer to stand a few metres away from him, and so did I. I heard the ever familiar WDP4 horn, and now the loco was visible. The loco slowly approached the station...


...and I zoomed the camera's telephoto lens to the maximum. The loco was now in focus, she came closer...I clicked. I first feared that the loco might go out of range due to the shutter lag. But she did not dare to! The loco by now charged past me kicking up all the dust in protest of me clicking her! Flags exchanged, and the 18-coach train quickly exited the platform. I stayed a bit towards the mid of the platform, to avoid the policeman!

Another dippy was expected to rush through any moment now. The starter once again turned green, the PA system once again warned, and my camera once again started up! The horn was once again heard, and the loco became visible! I once again zoomed out...


...and she charged in. The 'item' had a dark patch on her face, but the maligning patch on the beautiful face was no deterrent for her to act mighty! The 24-Coach train kicked up all the dust on the platform, shook the platform, made everyone on the platform move backwards in respect! The loco seemed all set to conquer the Thull ghats! The station was silent now, and the EMU rolled in! It was all normal ahead!!!

Bye for now! I'll hopefully update tomorrow (provided the internet stays on!)