A mix of studies and railfanning....

Studying for an examination, and Railfanning when mixed together can seriously be lethal! I had a taste of that deadly combination today, but may be because my stars were strong It wasn't seriously fatal for me!
I had an examination at college today - a practical examination in Pharmacognosy. An under-prepared condition, an ego clash with the examiner, and lack of practice was worrying factors for me. I hadn't read anything since I was back from college only at 2100 on Monday, and it was too tiring to sit and read anything! I started reading for the examination only while traveling from Kurla to Thane.
BTW: Just as I got down at Kurla, I spotted the Pune bound Deccan express rushing off with WCAM3 #21961 in charge. I spotted WDM3A #14125 of Erode sleeping off at Kurla (Too unusual! The loco that usually brings the Matsyagandha express waits near Lokmanya Tilak Terminus since she has to take the Netravati in the noon). The remainder of the journey was normal. Madgaon bound Mandovi was late.
Back to the examination part: I was expecting the worst questions to appear in the paper (mind you - I had clashed with the teacher just a week back!). I could visualize marks evaporating into thin air under different heads of the 15 mark paper! I had to reading something to ensure that I can contain atleast some of those vapours!
I reached Thane right on time, and rushed up the FOB and ran towards the bus station. On my way, I met a class mate and we were seriously discussing our preparations for the paper. We got into a bus, and got involved in reading for the exam in no time. We were busy reading, and we really did not realize when we reached our college! The exam began at 0940. I lost one mark in no time (mis-interpreted a substance - I thought of one, and wrote about the other!). I got the first part of the paper (Histology) right. The second part of the paper (Identification of a Powder mixture) came through correctly! So I was banking on 8 marks worth of correct answers!
I lost marks at the Viva-Voce examination...and was on the verge of losing marks for record keeping too! It is not known as to how many marks did I lose during the day - and I peg it at around 2-3. I threw the examination behind, and walked out of the college at around 1300. I reached Thane at around 1340 or so. I was too thrilled about railfanning after a few days now!
The first spotting of the day was 1014 Coimbatore - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express.


The loco in-charge was WCG2 #20122 of Kalyan. The light was just perfect for the Photo, and I clicked it instantly! The 20-coach train pulled in to platform 7. I was roaming around Platform 7. I was actually waiting for the Mangalore bound Matsyagandha Express. (I had a tip-off about a rather surprising link for this train - but that wasn't the case!). Matsyagandha finally pulled in at


A boring Erode WDM3A (#14125) pulled in with the train! (Remember: I had seen this loco in the morning at Kurla!). I was disgusted. Erode Locos (once my favorites), are now looking quite boring and unimpressive! WDP4s are more romantic! The livery of Pune WDM3As are still attractive! The express pulled out after some time. It was now the time for the Chennai bound 6011 Express to pull in. A huge group of more than 150 people were waiting for this train, and they infact had informed the Station manager about their intent. Special announcements were made for them regarding the coach that they have to board in, and the train was made to wait for about 10 minutes instead of the usual 2 minutes! The train came in with WCG2 #20116 of Kalyan.


Since the express was detained for more than its scheduled time, a BCNA rake was spotted waiting at Thane outer for her proceed signal! The impatiently waiting BCNA rake had WCAG2 #21980 doing the honours!


The Dadar bound passenger was running terribly late, and there was no sign of the train arriving though the time was already 1500. I decided to take an EMU to Kurla. I took a Fast EMU, and surprisingly, the passenger was right behind my train! Just minutes after my EMU departed from Kurla, the passenger charged through - and the loco in charge was WDM3A #18756R of Pune.


Just seconds before the passenger charged through, Pune WDM3A #18767R moved out of the Diesel Shed in Kurla, and started her journey towards Dadar to pick up this passenger for her return journey! (Oops! Is the sentence too big - Beckons Essay???). I then took an EMU from Kurla towards Belapur, and made it to home by around 1610 or so!
The teacher has called me to college tomorrow! Hopefully, I solve the issue amicably, and end up the impasse! Bye for the day! A nasty cold, and accumulated sleep is pulling me down...here I go...