A few normal days....

Tuesday: Tuesday was a normal day! There were not much spottings...all normal fare!

Wednesday: A strike called by Labour unions of Thane Municipal Transport (TMT), and by Rickshaw Unions made it a holiday for me! Absolutely no means of reaching college, and thus it was more of a holiday that a leave (though it could be more perfectly called as an absence!)...

Thursday: Yet another normal day! The spottings of the day were quite normal::
  • Pune Bound Deccan Express with WCAM3 #21963
  • CSTM bound Latur-Mumbai Express behind WDM3A #18734R of Pune (Links changed???)
  • Nanded bound Nandigram Express behind WDG3A #13064 of Pune!
Interestingly, my train (0741 Asangaon ex-Kurla), was diverted to the slow line after Mulund. The reason - Pune bound Deccan Express was delayed due to some reason, and hence platform 5 was occupied! Platform 7 was occupied by 0103 Mandovi Express (Loco unknown!)