Another pseudo normal day...

Today was yet another pseudo normal day except for a few incidences in the morning. I reached Kurla at around 0735 as usual. Just as I was on the Foot-Over-bridge, I saw the Deccan Express zipping through the station, and a WCAM3 was in charge! Just after the PA system made an announcement that the 0741 Asangaon EMU was expected soon, the Madgaon bound Mandovi Express rushed through! The loco was WDP4 #20032. I was disgusted! This train means that my EMU would be late! The train reached Kurla at 0750 against its scheduled departure of 0741! I was too late to college today!
In the evening, I went to dadar to get a ticket for myself and Dad for a journey to Pune this saturday. I luckily got a ticket on an MSRTC Volvo bus, and that too a seat right behind the driver! I'll have a clear picture of the monster's view of the road ;-) The day thus ended on a very happy note!
Note: While travelling from Thane to Dadar, I spotted the Pragati Express (WCAM3), Nandigram Express (Kalyan WDM2) and Deccan Odyssey (Pune WDM2). At Dadar, I spotted the layover rake of Jan Shatabdhi. The rake had 9 coaches in all!
Bye for the day!!!!