Back to the college!

Today was that day! The college re-opened after a week of vacations post the University examinations. Days of regular updates are here once again!

The day began 'late' today. I was in no mood to get up at 0500 when the alarm blared out. I finally was up by 0545. I missed the 0633 train by a huge margin. I left my home only by 0640. So the 0642 was also missed! I finally boarded the 0658 train from Belapur. The train was crowded as usual, and made it to Kurla at 0732. The Deccan Express rushed away with 16-Coaches and a noisy WCG2. The coach composition was 2X SLR; 2x AC Chair Car; 1x Pantry; 11x Second Sitting. I boarded the 07:42 Asangaon "Fast" from Kurla. The coach was 365A, turned out by ICF in August 2006! Just 3 months old! The EMU flew towards Thane, and I thoroughly enjoyed the AC/DC EMU ride after a long time. Mandovi was waiting for its signal at Thane, and the loco was WDP4 #20029. I was tired of seeing WDP4s after the Bangalore trip! Rushed to college since I did not want to be late on the first day!
Coincidentally, on the first day of college in this academic session also I had taken the 0658 EMU from Belapur, and connected to 0742 at Kurla! The same thing repeated for this semester too! Another thing repeated in this very day - But that would come up a bit later here!
We had a tiring 6-hour long practical today, and finally got out of the college and took the 1616 Fast EMU from Thane. That was an AC/DC one, and she too flew until Ghatkopar. We were held up at Ghatkopar outer for about 3-4 minutes. A Long LPG rake was ahead of us, and rake occupied two blocks! The Lucknow express was exiting from LTT, and that made the tanker rake to wait. The EMU continued flying after Ghatkopar. I narrowly missed the 1649 EMU from Kurla, and finally took the 1704 EMU from Kurla. I reached Belapur at 1744 (sharp!). Slowly walked out of the station only to be greeted by some misery. My Car's Rear Right tire was flat! I had a suspicion about the tyre right since the morning.
I jacked up the car and removed the tyre. I fixed the spare tyre there, but lo! The Spare tyre too was flat! Then I had to take the flat tyre to the mechanic in an Autorickshaw to get it fixed, and then had to bring the mechanic to the station to fix the new tyre. In short, I became poorer by Rs. 130 (Rs. 30 for the rickshaws, and Rs. 100 for the mechanic!). Now, the thing that was in common about the First day of the academic year and today was that, on both occasions I had a flat tyre! The only difference is that, in June, the tyre went flat in the morning and this time it was in the evening! One saving grace was that during June it was raining heavily and I got fully drenched, and today it did not rain!!!!
So bye for the day....My eyes are getting heavier and am not wishing to strain them anymore. Be sure to drop in again tomorrow!