Tracking the Monster!

WDP4s are always an attraction for me! I get easily attracted to them. I started loving these locos commonly referred to as a monster or ugly duckling (for its triangular shaped Long Hood!). Ever since I spotted this loco for the first time working the Mandovi Express, I have been keeping a track of the link worked by these locos.
WDP4s are exclusively homed by South Western Railway (SWR) at two of their Diesel Loco Sheds at Hubli and Krishnarajapuram (Bangalore). The former houses 11 such locos (20000 to 20010; all original GM-EMD make locos) while the latter (KJM) houses the remaining 23 locos (20011 to 20033; all DLW Varanasi make). The locos of UBL (Hubli) loco shed are used to perform the links in South Central Railway (SCR) while the locos of KJM are used for SWR and CR links. The UBL DLS also houses WDG4s (the Freight version of WDP4).
There is only one link worked by KJM locos for CR. The link is quite long - spans close to 8 days and 4980 kilometres. The link is as follows:

KJM-SBC: LE (12 kms) (Day 1)
SBC-CSTM: 6530 Exp (1163 kms) (Dep: Day 1; Arr: Day 2)
CSTM-MAO: 0111 Exp (589 kms) (Dep: Day 2; Arr: Day 3)
MAO-CSTM: 0112 Exp (589 kms) (Dep: Day 3; Arr: Day 4)
CSTM-IGP: 2533 Exp (137 kms) (Dep: Day 4; Arr: Day 4)
IGP-CSTM: 2534 Exp (137 kms) (Dep: Day 4; Arr: Day 4)
CSTM-MAO: 0103 Exp (589 kms) (Dep: Day 5; Arr: Day 5)
MAO-CSTM: 0104 Exp (589 kms) (Dep: Day 6; Arr: Day 6)
CSTM-SBC: 6529 Exp (1163 kms) (Dep: Day 7; Arr: Day 8)
SBC-KJM: LE (12 kms) (Day 8)

Legend: SBC: Bangalore City Junction; KJM: Krishnarajapuram; CSTM: Mumbai CST; MAO: Madgaon; IGP: Igatpuri.
6530/29: Udyan Express; 0111/12 Konkankanya Express; 2533/34 Pushpak Express; 0103/04: Mandovi Express; LE: Light Engine.

As per my observations, the loco keeps rotating in the same link only. The locos that I have spotted till today (in Mumbai) are: 20012, 20013, 20016, 20021, 20022, 20023, 20025, 20026. Of these 20023, 20016 have been spotted many times. Seen in the picture above is 20025. I had spotted 20026 only once, and that was in early July.

Since October 13, I have started loving these locos more - Reason: I will be travelling on Udyan Express on October 19th. So that would be my first journey on a WDP4 hauled train. That's it in this post. I am winding up early today - Have to prepare for an examination scheduled for tomorrow. Bye!