A long cherished dream...

I had travelled to college by an EMU boarding from Belapur after long 2 weeks. I boarded the 06:58 EMU from Belapur, and the coach (FC) was jam-packed by the time we reached Kurla -Thankfully almost the entire coach emptied at Kurla! The journey to college was normal, except for the announcement that the Mandovi Express (towards Madgaon) will depart at 1010 instead of 0655 from Mumbai CST!!!
I had an exam today. I finished it off quickly and rushed to thane. Reached Thane at about 1545. I purchased tickets for Panvel (KR3 Ratnagiri Passenger) and rushed to platform 5. The passenger was 15 minutes late!!! I had noticed in the morning that quite a lot of indicators in the station were not working. (Later on after reaching home, I read that an angry mob had turned the station upside down over delay of their train, yesterday night!). After some moments, the Ratnagiri Passenger pulled in with WDG3A #13052 doing the honours.
Oh My God! My dream to travel on a WDG3A hauled train just came true! I enjoyed the journey from TNA to PNVL end to end! The train made frequent stoppings at Scheduled and Unscheduled halts, and finally made it to Panvel at 1720. The pickup of the loco was superb.
The loco (seen in the pic above) had railings to the entire length of the body, and the loco looked cool! IRFCAn Rajeet Ramaswamy was waiting for me at Panvel. We spent some time chatting before calling off the day! While my passenger was pulling into Panvel, I saw a Kazipet WAG7 pulling out with a Container rake. While myself and Ranjeet were chatting, I saw a twin WCAM3 (21941+21942) hauled Container rake pulling in from the JNPT side.
I boarded the 1802 EMU from Panvel. The PA system was busy announcing that the Roha-Diva passenger would arrive in a few moments. Just as my EMU pulled out, I saw the Deccan Odyssey pulling in with a Green coloured Pune loco! What if I had waited for some more time!!!
I reached home at 1830 only to be greeted by a power failure. The power supply was restored only at 2330. So thats it for the day, Good night.
There is a surprise..See the next post!


Anonymous said…
Please don't "take God's name in vain",in your otherwise good writing, it is like puting a fly in your soup. Discusting.