Interiors of 76353

Today was absolutely a dry day except for the gooood exam at college! I really forgot my promise of updating about the new rake introduced on the Thane-Vashi route. I did travel in that rake today (Coach #76353). The ride quality is superb. There are four fans at the doorway instead of the normal 2. The lights inside the coaches have 2 tubelight each instead of 1 each.
The Emergency lamps too have tubelights (one each) instead of the old fashioned Incandescent bulbs! The fans were absolutely silent and powerful. The switches were old fashioned. The painting quality is very poor - hand painted and the paint has "flow" marks. The surface is rough. The seats haven't been fixed properly.
The luggage rack hasn't been painted at all!!! The coach has a light brown coloured interior. The ride quality was good. The coach has normal spring suspensions - not air suspension which is seen in ICF coaches! The horns were too powerful - it was too irritating sitting the coach which had the driving cab (trailing one!). I could clearly hear the bells rung by the guard/driver.Overall the ride was good, the coach built quality appears to be good but the finishing could have been better. I'll try for better photos of this rake over the next few day! Probably, I'll shift back to the main line route by tomorrow! So meet ya tomorrow!