Another month begins

Today was the first working day of a this new month. I left my home quite late (about 06:25) and drove as if I was mad. That was too fast, and I made it to the station by 0630. I had a dash to the platform, and I entered the train sharp at 0633, and second after, the train pulled out with the familiar jerk. The rake made all sorts of noises. I noticed that the coach was my favorite coach #72512. This coach has Stainless steel interiors and looks much refreshing as compared to the normal coaches painted in the boring pista colour. This coach has better ride quality and better seats. The leg space is a bit less though.
I reached Kurla at about 0610. Just as I entered Platform 5, the Punjab mail rushed through. The loco was WCAM3 #21887. Shortly after Punjab mail, the Chalukya express rushed past with a blue liveried Pune WDM3A (Road number unknown). I boarded the 07:17 Ambernath fast. Right after Vidyavihar, our EMU slowed down and came to a halt. At this point, I saw the Matsyagandha (from Mangalore) preparing to enter LTT. The loco doing the honours was WDM3A #14080 from Erode. Just as our EMU entered Ghatkopar, the Latur-Mumbai Express rushed past with WCAM3 #21954 doing the honours. At Nahur yard, I spotted twin WCAM3s 21955 & 21956 waiting to pull out with a long Container train. We crossed the Vidharba shortly after that. On reaching Thane, I did wait for the Mandovi but there was an announcement that Mandovi was delayed by 20 minutes. I took a bus to college :-(
In the evening - I was quite delayed, and reached Thane at about 1715. (We had an extra lecture from 1530 to 1630!). I boarded the 1740 CST fast from platform 4. The 1725 CST fast also pulled in at the same time on Platform 6. Platform 7 had the Mumbai bound Mahanagari Express - WCAM3 #21891 was in-charge. The 1725 CST fast was given preference and she flew past our EMU. My EMU was crawling on the slow line. I expected her to change lines at Mulund- but that didn't happen!!! We were crawling on the slow line. The train stopped at outer signal of most stations, and later speeds through the platform. Many Fast EMUs (All CST bound) overtook our train. The Mahanagari overtook our train at Ghatkopar. I reached Kurla at about 1810. The Sahyadri bound to Kolhapur rushed through with WCG2 #20121 in charge. When I was waiting for my EMU (1829 Belapur) on Platform 7, I saw a WCAM3 (#21949) pulling in with a train having about 13-15 second-sitting coaches (with passengers inside). That was some special train, and had the boards "Dhamm Parivartan Nagpur-Mumbai-Nagpur". Shortly after that train, my EMU pulled in.
The coach that I boarded was heavily crowded (#72714, built by ICF in 1994). I had to stand until Vashi and later got a seat. Reached home at about 1915. So the first day of the month was filled with delays! Hopefully the month goes off well!
Yawnnnnnnn! I feel too sleepy to continue...So meet ya tomorrow!


Manoj Krishnan said…
has the link for matsyagandha changed from ers to erode. is it a permanent change or due to same failure of an ers loco.