Birth of my lil' one - the anxious moments!

January 25, 2019:

I was far away in Kalaburgi (Gulbarga) in Northern Eastern Karnataka, commonly called Hyderabad-Karnataka, or Kalyana-Karnataka, attending an examination duty. As I was busy listening to mundane presentations, and asking questions to students (Viva Voce) in between, I receive a call from my mom - I expected that be our routine call - she makes it a point to call me whenever I am traveling, lending me a part of her warmth over the call. She enquires if my travel was comfortable and if I had my breakfast (all moms are worried about this) - I could sense an excitement in her voice as she tried speaking normally. Then she breaks this news that my Wife (who are at my hometown on that day) had tested positive to the Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT)! Excitement had no bounds - I didn't know how to react and was really excited! My wife confirms this news, and later she gets a USG Scan done to confirm the arrival of our lil' one! 

September 22, 2019:

The doctor had advised that TW must be admitted to the hospital on this day for birthing our lil' one. We had reserved a room at the hospital - we checked in a little before afternoon. The doctor had informed that she'd be coming in the evening and will check on TW then. By evening, TW was prepared for birthing and she kept shuttling between the labour room and our reserved room. She spent the night at the labour room - our lil one seemed to have loved the comfortable confines of the womb over coming out. 

September 23, 2019:

The day dawned - TW still in the labour room. We were awaiting the arrival of our lil one any time. It was moments of anxiety as every minute went by. The entire atmosphere in the waiting room outside the labour room was high in anxiety - a happy news about a newborn breaks in once in a while - the waiting area breaks out in applause as a set of people celebrate the arrival of their newborn - minutes later, this happiness settles and the atmosphere gets charged again! 

The anxiety point!

It rained towards afternoon, as we continued our wait. Every time they called for bystanders of TW, we got eager to know if the lil' one came. For some reason, the lil' one wasn't ready to come out so fast! It rained on and off through the afternoon. It slowly got darker, dusk set in. It continued raining on-and-off. More babies were born - the environment outside the labour room continued shifting between being charged to being joyful. As night set in, the number of people waiting outside the labour room thinned out. 

Finally, little past 8.00pm, they called out for bystanders of TW, and broke the happy news to us - our lil one had come! 

That small bundle of joy, decked in green wrap was given to me - the lil' one was awake - she stared at me without batting an eyelid. She stared at all of us - trying to identify her near and dear ones! I didn't even hear what the nurse was saying - the dam inside my eyes burst out, the cul-de-sac couldn't hold the rush of tears, and my ears were blocked! That moment of excitement - it overrode everything else. I was so excited for the next few hours, like a kid who got a brand new toy!

The nurse took back the baby to TW - and both were shifted back to the room only much later in the night. Those hours between the time I saw my lil' one for the very first time, till the time I could hold her again in my arms - each minute felt like seconds as I remained in excitement! 

Little legs...

The lil' one is now one year old. From a kid that was lying on the bed, to one that crawled and reached every corner of the house before we could even think! Her growth was real quick - how I wish she remained this lovely little adorable kid who smiles without limits, giggles to liven up the home and makes herself heard!