Yeshwantpur to Palakkad by Kannur Express train

This ticket was booked long ago - 4 months ago, on the day the reservation for this train was opened! It rarely happens that my preplanned journeys happen - this was one exception where it really happened. I selected the Yeshwantpur Kannur express for two reasons - one, ticket availability is comparatively easier compared to Kanyakumari exp. ress (which is the closest competitor, in terms of convenient timings); and, second, its convenient to board the train from Yeshwantpur as compared to boarding from KSR Bengaluru (in case of Kanyakumari express). Since I was booking on the day the reservations opened, I could manage to get the seat, rather, berth, of my choice!

October 01, 2019:
It was a long day at work - happens everytime I travel, and this day was no different. I still managed to leave office within 'acceptable' time. I needed to get to the station by 1930hrs - the train was to depart at 2000hrs. I had kept my bag ready earlier, and this helped leaving my home earlier. I took an auto to the nearest metro station (my bag turned out to be heavier that I had calculated) - and took the metro to Yeshwantpur.

Like every day, the 16527 Yeshwantpur Kannur Express was berthed on Platform 6 - at the entrance itself. Although I knew my coach would be towards the rear end, I headed straight to the locomotive - obviously, to check which loco was working my train that night. Erode's WDM3D #11200 was coupled to the rake - it was still not turned on. I clicked a couple of pictures and slowly walked towards my coach - B2, the 16th coach from the locomotive. The rake, an LHB Consist, was an assortment of new and old coaches. My coach was a November 2013, Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala, built unit.
WDM3D #11200 of Erode all set to haul my train out of Yeswantpur

I usually get my dinner from the railway kitchen - this time around, I decided to try the online ordering service on the Railyatri website. Although this service is not guaranteed by the railways, I decided to book my dinner through their app (I had done this around evening, and cleared the payment online). I had booked a Mini Veg Thali - the order had moved to "Out for Delivery" soon after I had reached the station. The delivery agent called me soon after I reached my coach - I gave him my position, and waited outside the coach. People were running helter skelter on the platform as they searched for their coach - most of them were searching for a place in the general compartment. I got my food about 10 minutes before departure.

The train started off at 2001hrs - a minute behind schedule. I was the only passenger in the cubicle - I unpacked the dinner soon after the train got moving. The dinner pack had chapati, rice, a dal curry, sambhar and a papad. The quantity was quite good - very fillling actually. A serving of curd would've been great, though. The train had neared Banasawadi by now - we reached there at 2031hrs. Majority of the passengers in my coach boarded from here - the coach almost filled. We started off at 2034hrs. The train crawled through Baiyapanahalli bypass line, and continued crawling towards Carmelaram. We got to Carmelaram by 2052hrs - and started off at 2055hrs. People in my coach were still settling down - I was kinda getting sleepy, and wanted to sleep soon.

Berths started coming out a little past 2100hrs. I was on a lower berth - I usually prefer this because its easier to know where we are, and make it convenient to get off, as well. We rolled into Hosur at 2135hrs - and started off by 2138hrs. I hit the bed soon later - and slept in no time. I usually sleep very shallow when on a train - but this time around was different. I slept quite well - maybe until a little before we reached Palakkad. I woke up just as my alarm went off (around 0430hrs or so) - I was expecting the train to be late - like almost every train on the Indian Railways! Much to my shock (not surprise), the train was already at Palakkad outer by now. We rolled in to Platform 1 of Palakkad station at 0438hrs - a whole 9 minutes before schedule!

 I had spend some more time on the platform at the station before buses to my destination started plying - used this time to have a coffee from a stall on the platform. I left the station at around 0515hrs - and on to a bus to my place around 0530hrs, to meet my kid an hour later :)

Journey in a Nutshell:
Train Number: 16557 Yesvantpur - Kannur Express
Loco link: WDM3D #11200 of Erode
Coach: B2, LWACCN 13113/C built by RCF, Kapurthala in November 2013. Based at Yesvantpur.

Punctuality: 10/10 (On time)
Cleanliness: 9/10 (The toilets weren't so clean)
Catering: 10/10 (Great food by

Overall: 9.5/10

An awesome journey - left on time, reached a little before time. The ride was comfortable - the Fiat bogie and the LHB coach made for a great ride. The maintenance was above average - the toilets weren't so clean, and the fittings were mostly broken and replaced with poor quality ones. The berth was clean and the cubicle area was well kept. The bedsheet was clean, while the blanket didn't smell so fresh. Overall a good journey.