Uyare - flying high!

A possessive boyfriend, an ambitious girl, a supportive father, and a flirtatious entrepreneur - how their lives are intertwined is what the movie says, in a nutshell. Anything beyond this could reveal the storyline.

Caution: Possible reveals ahead! Read only if you have watched the movie, or don't mind knowing a part of the story before you watch the movie!
Source: Wikipedia

Debutant director Manu Ashokan and scripted by Bobby-Sanjay tells the tale of a very ambitious girl, Pallavi, played by Parvathi Tiruvoth, who struggles hard to become a pilot - a disaster she goes through, and her struggles to attain justice. Parvathi has done absolute justice to the role, and a special work of appreciation goes to the make up artists. Asif Ali, as Govind, the very possessive, authoritarian and lover was amazing. He was perfect for the character. With an authoritarian boyfriend and a feminist girlfriend playing the lead, the rest is up to your guess. Pallavi stresses on her feminist traits through some dialogues and mannerisms in the first half of the movie.

Tovino as Vishal Rajashekharan, a very flirtatious businessman, running an airline plays his role effortlessly - he is a person considered unfit for the job by everyone including his father. The second half of the film is owned by Parvathy and Tovino - both essaying their roles effortlessly. I must not miss the pivotal role played by Anarkali Marikar as Pallavi's close friend, Sariya D Costa.

Of special mention is the seasoned actor - Siddique as Pallavi's Father, Ravindran. Right from the time the movie begins, till it concludes - this gentleman played his role as a support father brilliantly. His subtle mannerisms and reactions portrayed even when his dear girl goes through a rough patch in her life was amazing. I am sure this was among his career bests. I felt the movie could have been made a little crispier by slightly increasing the pace of certain scenes - no major deal breaker though!

A must-watch movie that is engaging right from the beginning to the end.