Raichur to Bengaluru: On Nanded-Bengaluru Express!

I did not look 'beyond' trains for my return journey from Raichur after my exam work. I was a little confused about which train to take - the next day was 'originally' a holiday, but it turned a working day a few days later. I looked at the train options available, and finally picked up a train leaving early from Raichur and getting to Bangalore before 0600hrs. The train I picked was Nanded-Bengaluru Express. The train, peculiarly, did not have a two-tier AC coach. The options available was only three-tier AC, and First AC. I booked a three tier AC ticket, and ended up with a middle berth.

June 16, 2017:
After a tiring day officiating the exam, I headed out to the railway station sometime around 1730hrs for my train departing at 1905hrs. I was terribly hungry, and my first agenda on reaching the railway station was to get something to eat. I couldn't find any eateries at first and walked around for a while. After a little bit of searching, I found one small eatery - I did not expect a lot from there. The shopkeeper was busy in the kitchen - he came out seeing me. The only item that seemed available was Chilli Bhajjis (fried fritters made from pepper) - I picked up one plate (which was filling, and cost very less!) - this was the best bhajji I've had in recent times. I also had some awesome tea from the shop. By now, the clock had ticked past 1830hrs - it had began pouring down by now. The rain lashed so hard that the platform was wet in no time.
That is Raichur station..

Coach position indicators came on only at 1900hrs - and, by sheer luck, my coach was to arrive exactly at the place I was standing. Arrival announcements were made a little after the coach position indicators came on. My train, 16593 Nanded-Bengaluru Express, pulled in at 1907hrs, with WDM3D #11180 of Guntakal shed doing the honours. My coach, B1, was the thirteenth in the rake. The coach was empty at the time of boarding - but the TTE did confirm that we were full! The train started from Raichur at 1933hrs - a good 27 minutes behind schedule. Since it was still raining, I couldn't check the reason for delay.
WDM3D #11180 of GTL entering Raichur..

A lot of passengers had joined at Raichur, and the TTE had a lot of work checking all passengers. The coach, WGACCN #08103, based at Yeshwantpur coaching depot, appeared really well maintained. All the interior fittings were in place as well. The AC was set at good temperature and it was fairly cold inside. I tuned in to a movie on my phone, and got occupied with it. We made frequent stops on the way - I did not notice the timings though (since my phone, where I note times, was busy showing me a movie!). The coach filled at Mantralayalam Road - the occupants of the lower and upper berths in my cubicle boarded here.
A freighter entering RC while I waited for my train..

They finished their dinner, and pulled out the berths to sleep well before 2100hrs. I had booked my dinner from Guntakal - using the eCatering option. This was my first time trying the eCatering option. I had to wait till Guntakal to have my dinner. We reached Guntakal at 2146hrs - I had to remain at my berth so that I don't miss my food. The vendor came soon after we stopped - my delicious Vegetable Biryani was delivered. The biryani was very tasty - not the usual bland railway biryani. I had to eat my dinner sitting on the middle berth - which was the sole irritating factor. Soon after my dinner, I headed to sleep. I had a nice and deep sleep later - and woke up after a porter woke up, and told me that we had reached Bangalore already! The time was 0535! I was in deep sleep, and it took almost 10 minutes to get myself steady!

Journey in a Nutshell:
Train Number: 16593 Huzur Saheb Nanded - KSR Bengaluru Express
Loco links: Was Guntakal WDM3D #11180 when I boarded. Did not check if the same loco worked till Bengaluru.
Coach: B1, WGACCN 08103, manufactured by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, in 2008.  

Punctuality: 9.5/10 (7 minutes late at RC, 5 minutes late at SBC)
Cleanliness: 10/10 (Very clean!)
Catering: 9.5/10 (used eCatering - the food was great. The raitha was very watery though)
Overall: 9.5/10

Was value for money! Perfect for that Raichur-Bengaluru journey!