Another calender goes extinct... 2014 in a nutshell

Two Zero One Four was a rocking year - a year that saw me through a lots of peaks and abyss in my career. Finished two golden years in teaching - and truly grew up with the kids. A feeling of having accomplished something in life with a whole lot of students passed out with flying colours. The sense of pride when they come back running to say they got great marks.

There were more train journeys this year as compared to twenty thirteen. One sleepless overnighter and a "happy to end" day journey.

Bus journeys also took a backseat - to an everytime low of just over 9800kms (the lowest since I joined my job in Bangalore). My last overnight long distance bus journey was in October 2014 - a good two months since. The annual KSRTC lovers meet happened this year too - a more happening trip than the Gavi run a year back.

I accomplished my long time wish to pay my obeisance to Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupathi - a journey with lots of obstacles, but I could have some blessed moments with lord.

I took a flight again after a good 6 years - that was a beginning, and I made a good 12 trips in 2014, covering about 3500-odd miles.

While I had my share of happiness, there were lots of sad happenings this year. The barbaric killing of kids in a Pakistan School, three major air disasters killing all on board (presumed dead in one incident). My heart goes with the kin of the departed souls - may the souls rest in peace.

I have nothing more to write - lets turn over to the fresh pages of 2015 now..

Wishing all my readers a very happy, prosperous and fun-filled year ahead!

Happy New Year 2015!!!

 With lots of wishes that all your wishes come true in life... but, remember that better things in life happen only with hardwork.

My India! My Pride!