Off Desk!

Its been quite some time since I wrote something up here. It isn't that there has been nothing to write about, but I'd been quite lazy and busy (now that's an oxymoron) over the past month or so. Quite a lot of traveling, and been tied up with official work as well. I have a lot of reports to write here - they are on the way - may be another week more.

The last month was quite happening - a mindboggling trip to Chennai - two days with fellow bus-spotters, and then a trip to Ooty with my lovely students for an academic program. I remembered my last college trip during this one - in fact, I met my beloved teacher who had accompanied us on the last trip, during the trip with my students!! The last time I was with him as his student, this time I was there as a teacher! Teaching is one profession where the teacher and student reaches one level at one point of time (seniority is surely there - but a teacher is a teacher).

Last Teachers' Day, our college management gave a small memento to every one of us - the memento read - "I touch the future, I teach". I am proud to say that as well. Adieu for now, as the pending reports get ready in the background :)