The year, 2011 was...

Yet another year comes to an end... a quick recap of what the year was:

This was yet another crawler year - the 12-months took ages to finish. This year saw quite some heavy busfanning, and very light railfanning. Thankfully, did not have any major illness over the year.

This year had lots and lots of traveling - over 26000kms by my car (driving solo). This included three drives to Bangalore, and one to Coorg! I fulfilled by long desire of setting foot at Dudhsagar falls, and also a ride on the iconic Nilgiri Mountain Railways!

I lost my dearest pet - my little paru is now no more. Poor lil' cat lived only 7 months - miss you always.

Nothing really new happened this year.. each day passed as just another. Quite a lot of journeys, the way I like. The next year hopefully has all the action I love, with lots of fun-filled journeys. Although a crawling year, I really had not much time to blog - a lot of travel experiences are still to be written. Hope to finish all of them next month...

Wishing everyone a very prosperous and fun-filled year ahead!
Happy New Year 2012!!!
 With lots of wishes that all your wishes come true in life... but, remember that better things in life happen only with hardwork.

My India! My Pride!


Sunup said…
Wish you a happy and prosperous 2012! Keep rail/bus-fanning and do keep blogging.