heading to mumbai..almost close!

The tortuous journey to Mumbai is almost heading to a close.. We were before time at Daund, and also at Pune home signal! We had a long-ish wait at pune home for that speck of yellow which would allow us in!
Though we were before time at the signal, we got delayed by 9 minutes by the time we stopped on platform 4. We had to wait till the Mumbai - Thiruvananthapuram express pulled into platform 3. Platform one was occupied by a rake of Jhelum express and two was held by Gyan Ganga. The latter got twin MLY WDMx locos later!
Platform 5 was occupied by a pretty early running Koyna express.. We finally left Pune at 1604, after accumulating a delay of 14 minutes! Hopefully we make up the loss by the time the train reaches Mumbai!


Existing said…
r u typing while on the train?
Binai K Sankar said…
yeah! using gprs on my phone!