the bangalore power scene..

Bangalore probably has the worst power distribution system in India. The supply goes off often and is pretty erratic. The system is obviously unable to cope up with the burgeoning demand of the city, which seems to grow the same way as a tree - adding annual rings.

The circumferance of the city is increasing each year. According to my experience, there would be atleast two hours without current each day. This number is now increasing each day. Some issues at the Raichur thermal power station has just worsened things. The supply company, BESCOM, recently declared that the city will have to bear at least an hour each day without electricity. The "atleast" part was inserted cleverly! The city goes without current for atleast 2-4 hours each day!

To add fuel to the fire, the government is now bent upon giving free power to farmers! Dark days ahead for the city. The new government is in no mood to solve the miseries of the so called metropolitan city!

An incident which just blew off my lid: yesterday, the was no current when i reached home at around 7.30. This is precisely the time that the so called load shedding begins at our place. The power supply wasn't restored even after an hour. A phone call to their office revealed that their "incoming" was disrupted, and that was a technical issue! The power supply was restored at around 8.45. It went off after about ten minutes. Another call to office revealed that this was the load shedding! So, were'nt we shedding "load" for so long?

Traffic woes, bad roads, crumbling infrastructure, virtually nonexistent traffic rules, an inefficiently run bus transport system, and a horribly run municipal corporation all sum up to describe what India's so called Silicon city is all about. Now the electricity company is all set to find its place in the list of what contributes to the woes of bangaloreans. Was BESCOM already on the list? I leave that to the audience to decide!