Oh NO! Not again...

I keep forgetting about this blog pretty often these days. The days after the first week of march was damn tiring, and I ended up sitting in office upto 5pm on most days, and working 16 hours at a stretch on two days! Its now cool at office with most of this month's work done, and waiting for the work for the next month!

In between, I had been on a trip to Kerala (from March 19 to March 24). Details of this trip will be put up very soon.

Sometime this week, I got transferred from my original team to a totally new team - It is now a challenge to get mixed up with the new team, and to get things sorted out there. It is a pretty new team, with many members yet to work "live" with the production team. I hope it really is a challenge, and am looking forward for the grueling days when the entire volume supposed for a month comes calling!

Hopefully I have enough time to keep this blog updated these days....

BTW, my office timings have now changed from 0700-1500 to 1500-2300. I've been shifted to the second shift at office.... Evenings would be busy for me now on, while day time would be free... bye for now!