Railfanning at Panvel

After reaching back at home from a rather tiring night shift, an opportunity to railfan for some time at Panvel was kept on my table! Should I miss it or take it? It was my chance to take the call. I decided to go ahead! After a quick round of coffee, I was at the wheel. I took the ever familiar route via the Highway to Panvel. As I was nearing the station, I saw the Mandovi Express pulling in. I parked the car at the station, and rushed to get a platform ticket. Just as I entered the station with a Platform ticket, the WDP4 gave a long horn, and the loco started moving out!

The reason why I was at Panvel was to drop a relative of mine, who was to take the Mangala Express. His ticket was not confirmed, and was still wait listed. Just as we walked in after checking the charts, a twin Kalyan WDM2 hauled Container train pulled in from the JNPT side. I was in no mood to take out my camera. Instead, we decided to proceed to Platform 3 straight away. We reached the platform, and found out a good seat to rest.

Just around the same time, I saw a WAG7 pulling in with a Container train. I also saw an RPF lady constable standing a bit far off on the same platform. Now, i had to decide... I took out my camera, and held it a bit below. I clicked a series of Images. The loco was WAG7 #27075 of Gomoh. A while after the container train pulled in, WDG3A #13369 of Kalyan pulled into Platform 2 with a BCCN rake bound to Kalamboli. There was no action for some time then. After some time, Kalyan WDG3A #13066 pulled in with a BTPN rake from the Pen side.

The Ernakulam bound Mangala Express turned up at 0945 with Ernakulam WDM2 #17474 doing the honors. The Panvel Quota for this train is in Coach #S6. My relative boarded the coach with hopes of being able to get a seat by "paying" the TTE. (He did manage to get a seat, but not a berth!). The train left at around 0955. Announcements were being made that the Roha passenger would arrive soon on Platform 1. I entered the Foot over bridge and found that the passenger was entering the station now!

I rushed off to Platform 1 just in time to get this one...


I had noticed it some time back that the locos working this train notch up after the entire rake enters the platform loop line. I was waiting for this opportunity, but never expected the loco to smoke this much! The loco was WDM2 #18560 working the 1689 Diva-Roha Passenger. I closed down the session after the passenger pulled in. I rushed back home, and had a pretty long sleep...

The image of the day are here, starting with this one (5 images in all)