Cheater bus!

After a rather tiring night shift, I and my colleagues walked out of the office complex to find that buses were just coming in. There are 5 buses serving employees of the night shift, and a total of 9 buses catering to the other shifts. 4 of the 5 buses came in, while my bus was missing. We walked round to check if the bus was parked a bit ahead
Finally, the bus made her appearance at around 0705. The bus (MH-04-G-3797) had a flat rear left tyre! The driver and the cleaner got down to change the tyres. All the other buses where cleared at 0720. Before departure of each bus, a watchman counts the number of staff leaving by each bus. The buses wait for 15-20 minutes after end of each shift. After 20 minutes of end of the shift, the watchman blows his whistle as a permission for buses to leave the unit.
The tyre changing job appeared to take pretty long. The bus was ready after the entire exercise by around 7.50, and the bus left the unit by 0800. All the employees traveling by the bus were damn tired by them, and most of them slept by the time the bus entered the main road!
The night shift is altogether an interesting shift where people are more focussed on their job, and have better accuracy and production figures then the other day shifts. Ours is a team boasting of the highest accuracy, with the highest production figures!