Landing with a thud...

Yesterday was looking like a normal day as I moved out of my home. The time was 06:05. The watchman unusually was wide awake, and he opened the gate for me. I continued walking down hearing a very familiar song - Chak de India, which is now almost an anthem for Indian cricket fans - on a popular FM Radio station. Streetlights were switched off, but it was still dark outside. The climate was cool, and sweating was out of question.

I had a bad brush with a wild branch of a tree the day before, and hence decided to walk on the opposite side of the road. It was all normal was I successfully walked around 25o metres from my home. The pick up point of my Company bus is 400 metres from home. All off a sudden, My leg went into a small height difference of the unevenly surfaced road, and I lost balance. In a fraction of a second, I lay flat on the road! It was a real landing with a thud!

I was unable to get up, but some how managed. My ankle was paining badly, as I struggled to walk the remaining 150 metres to the pick up point. The bus was a bit late. By the time I reached my office, I was unable to walk properly. I popped in a pain killer, and went about for the rest of the day. Unusually, I had to walk a lot inside my office, and by afternoon, the condition of my ankle was bad! It had a slight swelling, and was paining badly.

It was 3 pm, and I logged off my PC in a hurry, and walked out of office. It was a painful walk back to the bus, and then yet another painful walk inside the bus. I somehow managed to reach the "drop-off" point of my bus, which is the same as the pick up point. I had a painful walk to cross the road, and called up my dad to pick me up. I couldn't walk any more. I reached home, had another painkiller and slept for some time.

At around 1800, I was woken up, and Now I wasn't able to even stand up. My mom called up the doctor and took an appointment. Called for a car, and the guy came in at 2045. We rushed to the hospital, and the doctor asked for an immediate X-Ray. The X-Ray revealed that, luckily, I did not have a fracture, and it was only a normal sprain!

I was relieved. The doctor quickly wrote down a prescription, and I was back home by 2145. All this ensured that I reported sick today! And stand to lose a day's pay! (I am on training, we are not entitled for paid leaves now!). But, I am okay now, and expect to post something interesting may be a few hours later...