Another short Railfanning...

Today was a day that I would love to remember. Like how a fire would behave just before getting extinguished, I too was too energetic to railfan. I had some work at the "old" college, and left home at around 0900. Took a daily pass and got into a train towards Kurla. Just as I reached Kurla, I saw some train rushing towards CST. All I saw was the SLR, and hence I couldn't find out which train was that. The time was around 1025 then.

I got a copy of the latest Suburban timetable, and rushed off to catch a train towards Thane. I took a Titwala bound "semi-fast" EMU. We crossed the CST bound Deccan Queen just outside Kurla, and WCAM3 #21931 was in charge. Just near Ghatkopar, I saw WCAM3 #21950 rushing off with an unknown express towards CST. While my train was just pulling out of Ghatkopar, I saw WCAM3 #21943 pulling in with the Pragati Express. We crossed a WCAM3 hauled express (With DQ type livery - could be the Panchvati) near Vikhroli, and the Osmanabad-CST Express somewhere near Bhandup. A Kalyan WDM2 was in charge of the Osmanabad Express. WCAM2 #21863 was seen preparing to pull out of Nahur with a BCNA rake.

We were routed to the slow line after Mulund. Just before thane, we crossed the Howrah-Mumbai Mail via Allahabad. WCAM3 #21953 was in charge. I initially thought of waiting till the WCAM2 went past, but since the time was already around 1100, I decided to leave. I took a bus, and the ride drained out most of my energy! It was too hot outside, and the bus was getting stuck at traffic blocks frequently! I reached my college, and met some of my old teachers and lab attenders. I finished my work, and left the college at around 1220. I got a bus quickly, and the driver put up a real good show. I reached Thane by around 1300. I walked into Kunj Vihar to have some refreshments, and then moved towards the station.

There was some 'major' snag on the railway line, and most trains were running late by 25-30 minutes! I was initially confused on what to do, but later decided to jump into one CST bound Fast EMU. That was a 12-car AC/DC EMU, and I was longing to ride one AC/DC EMU for pretty long now! Just as my train was pulling out of Mulund, I saw the Chennai-Mumbai Express waiting at the outer for want of platform. The train crawled from Thane to Mulund outer. We were diverted to the slow line at Mulund. The WCAM2 hauled freight was still standing at Nahur! I enjoyed the way the EMU rushed through stations without stopping, and the awestruck faces of passengers seeing a train running through without stopping! I constantly kept an eye on the fast line, and was expecting the Express to overtake us anytime. On the way, we crossed a Light Kalyan WDM2, and one WCAG1 hauled freighter.

I got down at Ghatkopar, and saw the express rushing past with WCG2 #20124 in charge. I was there to see the Matsyagandha Express. At around 1410, I saw the train entering the main line. WDM3A #14123 of Erode was in charge. Just after the Matsyagandha cleared the platform, I saw WCAM3 #21885 rushing towards CST with the Mahanagari Express. Just after Mahanagari went, WCG2 #20134 rushed through with the Mumbai-Chennai Express. I took an EMU to Kurla.

Just as I reached Kurla, a Panvel bound EMU went through, and I missed it narrowly. The crowd on the platform was heavy. The heat was taking its toll in me, and i was getting dehydarted since I was sweating heavily. I gulped down some cold drinks. Just around then, I saw a "blue" coloured loco moving towards Kurla from the Ghatkopar end. That was...


...WDM3A #18612 of Pune working the late running Ratnagiri-Dadar Passenger. The loco pilot spotted the starter turning green as he pulled into the platform, and notched up heavily. The loco was a beautiful smoker, and I was happy to be able to capture the loco in the act! I took a Belapur bound EMU, and reached home a few minutes past 1600 totally drained out. I gulped down atleast half a litre of water on reaching home. Phew! That was a real hot unforgettable day!

Now, the reason why I compared my session with a fire: I am taking up a job from tomorrow, and I expect my freedom to be restricted. So, the frequency of railfanning may come down in the days to come. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed.

By the way, the images that I took yesterday are here. (The first five images of the page) Do have a look at them, and let me know what you feel. Bye for the day!